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Aussies Go Wild Over European Trend

  • February 18th, 2008
  • Posted by Emma Cillekens

braceletb_big.jpgThe latest fad out of Europe…European charm bracelets.

Australian’s have gone wild over the trend embracing it ten fold with its popularity increasing exponentially as the months go by.

Tedora from Italy, Pandora from Denmark, Lovelink, Chamilia, Trolls, Biagi and others have taken Australia by storm over the last few months.

PANDORA claims to have been the first to create the “new style” of charm bracelet that sweeping fast across the globe.

Instead of a conventional charm hanging off a chain bracelets, these “new” charms screw on to a bracelet, meaning it’s less bulky than its predecessor.

Added colour is another upgrade, and there’s much more variety in charms.

It’s only flaw… COST.

If you start a stirling silver bracelet, you’ll get off lightly… but one gold charm could set you back anything from A$122 to $1000.

Although the brands have been around for a while (since 2002 according to Pandora) Australia only really saw then for the first time two years ago.

A jewelery retailer on Queensland’s Gold Coast says the trend only really began to take off in Australia six months ago.

“We got the jewelery in a few years ago and lately its become really popular.

“We’re sold out of most of the charms and they just can’t supply us fast enough”.

Stephanie Trezise, proud owner of a Pandora version says she’s taken by the craze.

“I got a Pandora for my 21st and had no idea what it was.

“Then i started seeing a few of my friends wearing them, and my aunty and cousin… and now I’m obsessed.

“I just can’t wait to fill it up.”

This fad mirrors other trends from Europe embraced by Australians so far … like fashion items off the catwalks of Paris, Belgian chocolate, German beer, and mopeds.


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