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Paris Nuptials, Post-colonial Coup

  • February 3rd, 2008
  • Posted by EUEditor

sarkozy-bruni-europe1fr.jpgAn expected milestone was achieved with the announcement that President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, 53, had married (2.2.08) the Italian model and singer, Carla Bruni (40)… though fresh trouble in Africa was demanding attention from Paris as well.

The nuptials, performed by a local mayor, took place before about twenty guests at the home of the bridegroom, the Elysee Palace.

He had moved into the presidential palace after being elected in June, and was divorced by his then wife last October.

A possible distraction for Nicolas Sarkozy may be the involvement of 1500 French troops in the central African state of Chad, where the government was facing violent overthrow by rebels.

President Idriss Deby, saved on a previous occasion by the intervention of the French army, was this time reportedly still surrounded in his presidential palace, in the capital N’Djamena — despite talk of a ceasefire.

A few thousand armed rebels in the former French colony had fought their way into the city, coming mainly from the border region between Chad and Sudan – the trouble connected with the tragic refugee situation in that country’s Darfour region.

Foreigners had collected in three parts of N’Djamena, under French military protection; some were being evacuated late on Saturday local time.

Picture: Sarkozy newlyweds during recent holiday, on French TV, Europe1,fr