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Thumbs Down On Suburban Life

  • January 21st, 2008
  • Posted by EUEditor

brussels-street-cafe.jpgIf Belgium home of Europe’s “capital” is a litmus test, more Europeans are wanting to go back to the old way of living right in the heart of town.

A straw poll by Flanders News this week tells that respondents mostly favoured the idea of living in the centre of a city or large town, with the second preference going to the countryside – and suburban houses coming in  only third.

Reasons given include reduced road traffic in the city heart, compared with the suburbs.

Rising real estate prices are as big a disincentive as in many countries.

While houses have gone up three times in value over ten years, now typically costing €400 000 (A$664 000;, 21.1.08), and apartments have doubled; the sentiment seems to be, that if you have to pay too much, it is better to do so in the inner-city heart  — or go right out of town altogether.


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