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Naples- Sharing The Garbage

  • January 15th, 2008
  • Posted by Emma Cillekens

naples-castlereaghgov.jpgMore trouble for Naples over the growing waste disposal crisis.

There were even reports of rioting in Sicily yesterday (14.1.08) after some 1500 tonnes of Neapolitan garbage was dumped there, in efforts to disperse some of the estimated 150, 000 tonnes of rubbish mounting up in the streets of Naples.

Sicilian authorities had reluctantly agreed to help out the city where rubbish has not been collected since 21.12.08.

Local disposal sites are full as a result of strikes and disputes over the dishonouring of cleaning contracts, bringing gross accumulations in the streets, threats to the local economy and threats to public health.

The Italian government has sent in the army to help clean up the streets and appointed a former police chief to try to find solutions.

“We cannot accept this shame any more, we must find a solution to the issue here in Italy”, said the Italian Prime Minister, Romano Prodi.

In addition to Sicily, Sardinia is also taking on some of the garbage burden, greeted by more fierce objections from islanders, and help is not restricted to home: Germany has accepted 30 000 tons of household, to be disposed over six months.

German authorities have stressed it is to be a one-time deal.


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