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Beatles On Stage And “Openness To The World”

  • December 31st, 2007
  • Posted by EUEditor

stavanger-seaplane-project.jpgTwo of the great “towns” of Europe, Liverpool and Stavanger, take a lead in the culture calendar in 2008; they’ve been named as the European Capitals of Culture for the coming year.


The Culture Capital program was initiated as a European Community project in 1985 by the much loved actress, the late Melina Mercouri, who was Cultural Minister in Athens at that time.

Its theme is “bringing the peoples of Europe together”.


Program notes for events in January:

Liverpool, home to an active cultural scene, the Beatles and a mighty football team, will mark the beginning of activities with “Liverpool The Musical” at the opening of the brand new Liverpool Arena on 12.1.08; to be headed by the ex-Beatle Ringo Starr and Eurythmic Dave Stewart. Later, the other living ex-Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney is to headline at the Liverpool Sound Concert at Anfield Stadium on 1.6.08.

The Liverpool program involves collaboration between the Liverpool Culture Company and cultural institutions, artists, performers and venues throughout Liverpool Merseyside, and beyond — much of the activity to be made up of free events.

Stavanger, renowned for breath-taking mountain vistas, beaches and fjords, is promising an “ambitious vision”: OPEN PORT, which stands for openness towards the world. Promoters say the aim is to offer something to those who have never thought of themselves as creative as well as to those for whom the highest forms of art are daily bread. The Stavanger 2008 program brings together local, regional and national artists, with the “most potent creative forces from elsewhere in the world.”

At a celebration on 12.1.07 guests will be invited to listen to Nordic underground rock and pop music as well as folk music and brass bands, and attend an opening party in a giant marquee.

Recent European Capitals of Culture have been:

* 2003: Graz (Austria)
* 2004: Genoa (Italy), Lille (France)
* 2005: Cork (Ireland)
* 2006: Patras (Greece)
* 2007: Luxembourg and greater region (Luxembourg), Sibiu (Romania)


Liverpool 2008 (Home). (31.12.07)

Stavanger 2008 (Home).

Picture: Stavanger, google seaplane-project