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Environment: New Moves On Planes And Cars

  • December 21st, 2007
  • Posted by EUEditor

cars-ld-resize3.jpgThe European Union is to go ahead with a requirement on airlines to cut their C02 emissions into the atmosphere, by requiring them to join a central carbon trading scheme from 2012.

It has also announced legislation to enforce reduction of emissions from cars.


Under the trading system a defined quantity of carbon dioxide gas will be put on the market, as the total amount to be produced, and enterprises will have to bid to purchase a share of it, being the amount they can spill into the air.

Environment Ministers of the European Union decided on this latest anti-climate change initiative at Brussels (20.12.07).

The move is seen as a threat to the viability of very popular budget air travel in Europe; it is unpopular with American authorities who will be reluctant to comply with the new European standard; and environmental campaigners say it will not go far enough.

The EU Environment Commissioner, Stavros Dimas, said aircraft were causing 3% of carbon emissions, exceeding CO2 pollution from the steel industry, already included in the trading scheme.

The amount of pollution from aircraft had doubled since 1990 and at present rates was expected to double again by 2020.


The move on aviation coincided with the announcement of plans by the European Commission for a new EU law, a Directive mandating a sharp drop in car exhaust emissions on the roads.

The commission said the legislation would require that average CO2 emissions from cars be under 120 grams per kilometre, by 2012 — as motor cars were accounting for about 12% of carbon emissions in Europe.


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