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Christmas Shopping: Dump The Men, Grab The Bargain

  • December 19th, 2007
  • Posted by EUEditor

salzburg-shops.jpgSeems Austria has the right idea when it comes to Christmas Shopping…
In Salzburg they have found a solution to one of the peskiest annoyances of that end-of-year pastime- MEN! … says EUAustralia shopping reporter Emma Cillekens.

During this pre-Christmas rush, since 13.12.07, women of Salzburg have been able to park their other half at a specially designed tent, that entertains the boys while the girls shop for the festive season.

The crèche-like facility offers boy-toys like computer games, toy racing cars, and even magazines including Playboy.

From four to 10pm the men can chill out in the refuge and even have a beer.

But it’s not just the men that win out, the ladies gain a testosterone-free shopping experience devoid of whingeing uninterested spouses.

So… looks like everyone wins!

This marks the second year that the city has carried out the daycare-style service.

Of the 1500 men checked into the service last year, not one was left unclaimed or abandoned by their partners.

The service is free- so what are you waiting for girls… dump the guys and shop till you drop!

Picture: Getreidegasse shopping street, Salzburg,