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Australia To Catch Up On Global Warming

  • November 26th, 2007
  • Posted by 7thmin

rudd_22aafor-web.jpgProspects for the Rudd Labor government elected on 24.11.07.
A “Clean Energy Plan” in the Labor Party platform promises immediate signing of the international Kyoto accord on global warming, but as yet does not have a target to match Europe’s “20/20” standard on carbon emissions.


Pressed on CO2 emissions Labor said that with the resources of government it would run an inquiry during 2008 to determine viable limits.

In that time frame, it would also set up a standard for carbon offsets, where industries or consumers wanting carbon-neutral operations could be assured of purchasing options, (e.g. obtained from forest development), which were “genuine” and had not been “illegitimately resold”.


“Australia must do two things: ratify Kyoto and adopt a carbon target,” Kevin Rudd told ABC Radio in Australia, as Opposition Leader on 3.9.07.

The Clean Energy Plan will allocate a total of A$1.39-billion for developmental work, through a Renewable Energy Fund, Clean Business Fund, Energy Innovation Fund and a Clean Coal Fund.

The new government has set a target for 20% of energy use to come from renewable sources by 2020; a system of rebates for the public to install solar energy and water saving systems; a “clean energy” export drive and stimulus funding to support construction of “green cars” in Australia.


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Picture: Prime Minister elect Kevin Rudd; (ALP)