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Operation Koala; Child Pornography Arrests

  • November 6th, 2007
  • Posted by 7thmin

europol.jpgPolice have broken up a child pornography mail order business, making more than 90 arrests in countries throughout Europe.

Officers from the Europol agency and the judicial body Eurojust said (5.11.07) an Italian man had been making videos to order at his own studio in Ukraine, using girls aged nine to sixteen wearing lingerie in provocative poses; and they’d now caught him in Bologna.

“Customers” of the pornography business had placed orders for type of girl, pose and garments; some had gone to the studio to watch their video being made; the children had been given money.

The police raids, called Operation Koala, began after the discovery of some of the video material by detectives in Australia last year.

Some of the video-making had gone on in the Netherlands and in Belgium, where a man had commissioned pictures using his own daughters.

Police believe the business was lucrative with as many as 2500 participants in countries well beyond Europe.


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