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Hopes For “Climate Proofing” In “Third World”

  • September 21st, 2007
  • Posted by Susie Lipscomb

png-landscape.jpgPeople in developing countries hard hit by climate change may soon have the chance of a “climate proof” existence, if a new Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA) mooted in Brussels can get enough resources.

The European Union has this week (18.9.09) announced plans for allied action with the world’s poorest countries.

The two enemies this alliance plans to take on: climate change and poverty.

Before this year is out, the EU and its developing country partners are to have their first official discussion about the scheme; during European Development Days in Lisbon, 7-9.11.07.

In the meantime the European Commission has staked out five key areas it wants to see addressed under the GCCA:

• Putting concrete adaptation measures in place;
• Cutting down on emissions from deforestation;
• Helping poor countries take advantage of the global carbon market;
• Helping those countries prepare better for natural disasters, and
• Integrating climate change into development cooperation and poverty reduction strategies.

The Commission has already promised the equivalent of A$81.5-million to the GCCA between next year and 2010 but says it will obviously need much more.

It’s appealing to EU Member States to give more to the project, so the alliance will be able to make enough of a difference in the next few years.

It says the poor developing countries, the least developed countries and small island developing states will be hit the earliest and hardest by climate change… if organised plans like this alliance don’t come in to effect very soon.


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