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“Rehab Chic” – A New Vogue

  • August 30th, 2007
  • Posted by EUEditor

rehab-2.jpgThe fashion magazine Vogue Italia has come under fire over its use of a U.S drug and rehabilitation centre in an editorial fashion spread.

Its July edition featured models being dragged along the floor of an institution by attendants in white coats.


Vogue Italia editor Franca Sozzani told The Times the photo shoot was not encouraging people to go into rehab.

“I always think it’s astonishing that you can be rich and famous and have everything and then need to destroy your life.

“We are not advocating anything here,” she said.

Vogue’s reputation as a luxury brand idolising fashion, glamour, sophistication and style has taken some criticism because of its departure from the usual this time.


Clothing and the catwalk are hardly the focus of this particular “fashion” shoot; page-turners in fact may find what Ms Sozzani calls “a fun take on rehab”, those glances of sedated models, haunting and eerie.

“Inevitably this would be interpreted as yet another case of the fashion industry glamorising drug addiction,” said Stefanie Marsh in The Times.

Vogue in Britain has kept a distance, its creative director, Robin Derrick considering the Italian effort somewhat insensitive.

“We are an aspirational magazine and quite powerful, and with that power comes responsibility,” she said.

Ingrid Rubie


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