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New Writers: Ingrid Rubie

  • August 24th, 2007
  • Posted by EUEditor

ingrid-journothree.jpgWriting for EUAustralia Online is a first journalistic experience for Ingrid Rubie.

She has started with posts on Australian cultural performances in France (“Summer in Paris”, EUAustralia, 17.8.07), and the worldwide problem of contaminated toys on sale (“China Toys Alert”, 24.8.07).

She says:

“I am looking forward to investigating newsworthy events for EUAustralia.

“I feel passionate about writing and have strong ideas about publishing stories that are fair and accurate in an era where ‘the blog’ has become a source for information.”

Ingrid Rubie who studies Business and Journalism saw the opportunity to contribute to the publication as important hands-on experience with internet journalism — but is still deciding on a media field where she will specialise.

“Perhaps when I am old and grey, I will write a book on this experience”, says Ingrid, eighteen.