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New Writer – Adventure Traveller

  • August 24th, 2007
  • Posted by EUEditor

sian-graham.jpgSian Graham first ventured out of Australia in 2002 as part of an eight week student exchange program in Germany.

That adventure led her to take up studying journalism, for a job that would allow her to “experience lots of different cultures”.

She was again backpacking in Europe in 2006, as well as taking out some time for paragliding and rafting in New Zealand.

In February this year Sian Graham was in the United Arab Emirates, attending the international student gathering, the biennial conference on Education Without Borders.

“This gathering engages the world’s most innovative students with leaders of business, technology, education, and the humanitarian sector,” she says.

“I was there with four others from Queensland University of Technology, a student from Papua New Guinea and some female students from Abu Dhabi, forming a media team to produce the official event magazine.”

Taking part has whetted Sian’s appetite for being involved in world journalism.

Favourite experiences recorded to date include her interview with the French “Spiderman” and extreme climber Alain Robert, and a desert performance by the Spanish born tenor Pl├ícido Domingo.