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Still Driving … With Some Thoughts For Mother Earth

  • July 30th, 2007
  • Posted by EUEditor

cars-traffic-2.jpgEuropeans have declared themselves still wedded to the car, but going over to reasonable ideas for more environmentally-friendly transport – according to a major survey on their habits.

They have also given a large tick to the level of enjoyment of life in Europe’s cities.


The study of transport habits was based on interviews with 25 767 people aged 15 or over in the 27 countries of the European Union, and showed that 49% had their own individual car, (or other individual “private transport”, e.g. motorbike).

They said private transport was their preferred mode of travel, 80%, against preference for public transport around 20%.

When Europeans want to cut down on their dependence on cars, they say that they prefer to change the way they drive or the frequency of driving, ride a bike, or walk, rather than seek out public transport.

However 40% supported using road users’ charges to improve public transport services; (within limits; 60% opposed tolls to deal with congestion or environmental problems).


The Eurobarometer survey did show growing concern about damage to the environment, with support for the development of more sustainable means of transport, including systematic use of public transport systems and fuel efficient cars with cleaner exhausts.

A small majority of 54% said they would be prepared to pay more for less polluting transport, public or private.


Results from a second survey, on quality of life in 75 European cities, also showed up worries about pollution.

Five hundred people interviewed, three-quaryters sayinf their cirties wewre already good places to luhve and they expected them to get better.

They were generally pleased with education, health and culktural life, but concerned about pollution, availability of jobs and the cost of housing.

For people looking for worlk in Europe, the tip from these coirrespondents is that Copenhagen,m Dubli a and Prague are the polaces to be; places to avoid from the working point of viedew include Frankfurt an er Oder, Naples and Palermo.


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