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Wine And Sugar – Ministers Facing Up To Changes

  • July 20th, 2007
  • Posted by EUEditor

eu-flag-reduced-larger13.pngChanging over from former subsidies regimes to global competition is not plain sailing.


Differences over changes to the wine industry being promoted by the European Commission came up when EU Agriculture Ministers debated the plan on 16.7.07.

Meeting as the European Council (Agriculture and Fisheries) they agreed such a reform package was needed but fell out over some of the planned measures.

Objectives of the change were given as, to simplifying rules to increase competitiveness, and win back market share from Australia and other competitors.

Opposition has come up especially to grubbing out vineyards that are not operating economically, and measures that would be seen as rolling back local traditions.

The next step in the process of getting the package accepted will be a review by the European Parliament early in 2008.

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The Agriculture Ministers debated proposals for legislation – as European Union Regulations – on the sugar industry.

The Regulations would change the reform package launched in 2005, to give more incentives for farmers to relinquish production quota — where the surrender of quota so far has been lagging behind set targets.

Provisions are outlined also, in case this fails, for a “final quota cut” in 2010.

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Details on the European Council meeting, on sugar and wine industries; see Council of the European Union, 1168/07 (Presse 167) Provisional Version, Press Release, 2815th Council meeting, Agriculture and Fisheries, Brussels, 16.7.07; (19.7.07)