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Democracy Campaign Gets Started

  • June 27th, 2007
  • Posted by EUEditor

wallstrom.jpgAnother member of the European Commission has hailed the outcome of the Brussels summit on a new reform treaty for the EU, with reservations about political battles still to come.

Margot Wallstrom is responsible for communicating the European Commission’s stance to citizens, as its Vice President for institutional affairs and communication strategy.

Ms Wallstrom said at Brussels (addressing Constitutional Affairs Committee, 26.6.07) that the plan for a new European treaty agreed last weekend was firstly a break-through in giving the EU more authority to act as a body on the world stage.

“Europe will act as one when we sign international agreements: the single legal personality for the Union will become a reality,” she said.

“New possibilities are opened up to bring forward action in areas like energy, including energy security, climate change, civil protection and public health … and a major breakthrough is achieved as regards common action on terrorism, asylum, migration and human trafficking.

“The Union will have a Charter of Fundamental rights to protect the citizens and one which will have legal force, so citizens will be able to claim before the Courts the rights enshrined in the Charter.”

However, the Commissioner regretted opt-out provisions in the agreement, especially for the United Kingdom on the fundamental rigths declaration.

She said hard work would be needed to get across the message of the European Union and ensure more direct involvement by citizens.