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A Hoax …

  • June 2nd, 2007
  • Posted by EUEditor

donor-show-logo.jpgWhen viewers tuned in for “Big Donor” on Friday night (31.5.07), to find out who’d won the kidney – and an extra lease of life – they were told the whole thing was a hoax.
All those on the set of the Dutch television program were in on the story.
The presenter disclosed the program had been set up as a way to draw attention to a dire shortage of organ donations.
That reflected the view of the European Commission which had opposed the “Big Donor” idea but pointed out ten patients were dying each day in Europe while waiting for a donated organ.
“Big Donor” was set up in the “Big Brother” format, as a “reality” show where a terminally ill woman would arbitrate among three sufferers competing to receive one of her kidneys
Picture: “Big Donor” TV show logo