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Long-term Battle for the Environment

  • May 4th, 2007
  • Posted by EUEditor

eu-flag-reduced-larger3.pngThe European Union had chastised itself over aspects of its environmental performance, and recorded some successes.

The mid-term review of its Environment Action program (2002-2012) says that despite progress made there have been continuing problems with attrition of resources and as a spokesperson conceded, “alarming loss of biodiversity”.

The review says that Europe-wide programs have been “on track” in four priority areas: combating climate change, halting biodiversity loss and protecting nature, reducing environmental impacts on health, and reversing the unsustainable management of natural resources and waste.

Climate change had moved to a high place on the political agenda following decisions taken on global warming issues at the European summits in December 2006 and March 2007.

It says progress was recorded in other areas, including a revised sustainable development strategy, the new chemical regulatory system code-named REACH, and three thematic strategies (urban environment, soil protection and pesticides).

A statement from the European Commission said: “While confirming the strong growth of eco-industries the report emphasises the state of the environment and climate change call for the take-up of clean and environmentally friendly innovation on a massive scale.”

FOOTNOTE: An announcement of adjustments to the EU’s 2006 sugar industry restructuring scheme scheduled for 2.5.07 has been postponed until Monday (7.5.07).

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