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EU US Trade Meeting

  • May 4th, 2007
  • Posted by EUEditor

eu-us.jpgLeaders at the annual high level meeting between the European Union and the United States (30.4.07), in Washington, signed agreements on closer trade co-operation intended as a step towards a trans-Atlantic free trade area.

They agreed to set up a special economic council to oversee a lowering or trade barriers.

The two sides — representing the two main trading powers of the world — listed plans for common standards on vehicle safety, pharmaceuticals, intellectual property rights, financial services and innovation, as an agenda for reduced trade impediments.

They signed an air transport agreement giving airline companies access to more routes among many cities, on both sides of the Atlantic.

Meanwhile the European Union has continued to press for reciprocal visa waivers for all of its citizens. Americans entering the European Union do not need visas. However the same right has not yet been extended by the United States, to all citizens of the last twelve member states of the EU; ten which joined in 2004, mostly former communist countries of Eastern Europe, and then Bulgaria and Romania.

Picture: European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President of the European Council, meet President George Bush at the White House, 30.4.07; EC AV