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EU Aid Grows

  • April 14th, 2007
  • Posted by EUEditor

devt-aid-1.jpgThe European Union has published figures showing it is the world’s largest provider of economic development aid, while it continues to demand larger contributions from some of its twenty-seven member governments.

OECD statistics quoted by the EU have shown Europeans now give 0.42 % of Gross National Income, up from 0.39 % in a year.

A European Commission summary has the latest figures showing that Europe provides 57% of total aid worldwide; its share worth EU 48-billion (A$78-billion; 13.4.07), or EU 100 (A$162) per citizen, per year. That’s nearly double the individual figure for the United States and 50% more than Japan.

It says the European effort emphasises relieving debt; trade linked schemes to encourage export industries, and assistance to African, Caribbean and Pacific countries.

Senior officials want the cost spread more evenly among EU members, but, while Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and Luxemburg are the strongest per capita donors, new member states from Eastern Europe have been catching up.

Reference: “Commission calls for more predictable and more effective development aid”, European Commission, Brussels, 4.4.07, IP/07/478

Picture: EU office for Africa, Caribbean and Pacific projects, Brussels.