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“Mind Your Scalp”, says a caring EU

  • March 30th, 2007
  • Posted by 7thmin

carnival-nurses1.jpgThe long arm of European government has extended to looking after the way people have been dyeing their hair, with authorities in Brussels saying they are worried about certain products.

They have commissioned research on the contents of hair dyes, and potential skin problems, saying there has not been enough data.

The European Commission said, 29.3.07, many new products had come on the market and it had made scientific tests to find out which would cause skin irritation and allergies.

A spokesperson said survey work had also been done on people’s hair-care habits, showing that hair-dyeing among the 500-million-plus population was on the increase, and “people were doing it younger.”

The Commission will publish a list of products and contents considered safe to use.

Pictures: It’s wigs; but in dye-minded Europe, who would know?