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Handing Over Keys To Smart Cars

  • March 30th, 2007
  • Posted by EUEditor

cars-ld-resize1.jpgThe drive for fair competition has caused four leading car-makers – DaimlerChrysler, Fiat, General Motors and Toyota- to start opening their manuals to independent repair shops, under a threat of legal action if they don’t.

Corner garages, and even some of their larger independent counterparts, don’t stand a chance of repairing sophisticated cars these days, if the manufacturers won’t give them the technical information needed to do it.

The European Commission this month (23.3.07) announced it had obtained commitments from the four companies that they would not restrict this information to their own dealers and other affiliates.

The EC had brandished its fair competition policy, after receiving complaints about garages not being able to get the passwords and specifications they needed to carry out repairs.

A spokesperson said it would use European law, actually Article 9(1) of regulation 1/2003, to make the commitments binding on the companies, if they did not work well on a voluntary basis.