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Break-down On Cars and CO2

  • January 25th, 2007
  • Posted by 7thmin

traffic-stockschng.jpgA split has developed in the European Commission over ambitious plans for a cut-back in carbon dioxide pollution from cars allowed to be sold new on European markets.

It has put off a decision (23.1.07) that was expected this week on a pollution standard for new cars.

The Commission earlier received a report showing voluntary standards were falling short, by 50%, of its set target: that new cars should discharge only 120 grams of carbon dioxide, per kilometer, by 2012.

Some on the executive Commission wanted mandatory standards for car markers; others wanted to stay with voluntary controls, and incentives – like CO2 labeling on cars, or taxation measures favouring small cars.

Car makers have lobbied against mandatory standards saying they have already made good progress and enforcement of strict standards would mean higher prices for car buyers.

Environmental lobbies say that progress has been too slow, indicating voluntary standards won’t be enough.

The rare political stand-off came just after the European Union announced a major attack on industrial pollution and global warming (see EUAustralia, “Europe Set to Attack Global Warming …, 21.1.07) .

The cars decision has been put off to some future meeting.

Picture: stock.schng