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One-man Peace Mission

  • December 16th, 2006
  • Posted by 7thmin

eu-summit-blair-resize.jpgThe British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, battled briefly with questioining from UK and other journalists who followed him around at Brussels this week (14-15.12.06), asking about his political troubles back home in Britain.

Not to be dissuaded, Mr Blair carried on with his work at the European Summit, telling his fellow heads of government he was departing forthwith for the Middle East, hoping to help broker a new peace.

Mr Blair re-iterated the wording of a statement released the day before, about his questioning by British police over the honours-for-donations affair.

He said an opposition political party had made the claim to police that he’d sanctioned national honours for Labour Party donors, and so the matter had had to be investigated.

However where he had made recommendations, it was in his posoition as a party leader; other party leaders did the same; he had done nothing wrong.

The Prime Minister said his government’s decision to end an inquiry into alleged bribery in arms sales to Saudi Arabia had been fully justified in the British national interest