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Anti-HIV Campaign Has Kids Dancing

  • December 2nd, 2006
  • Posted by EUEditor

hiv-ad-smaller.jpgAnti HIV-AIDS commercials are running on a dance theme, reminding very young people to be careful yet putting the “Grim Reaper” days well in the past.

A new Eurobarometer survey published for World AIDS Day (1.12.06) showed generally high awareness of the disease among thousands of Europeans, but continuing misconceptions, many for instance supposing they could get it by kissing on the lips.

The European Health Commissioner, Markos Kyprianou, said there was evidence that the major public health threat had been forgotten or downplayed by the present generation of young people, so campaigning this year was aimed at them.

A television commercial chosen from five finalists in an SMS telephone poll, called Dance4Life, has a montage of young teenagers around the world dancing, and remembering safe sex.
It’s a getle but firm reminder not a frightening warning, that despite advanced treatments, the virus-based illness cannot be cured, and so prevention -throiugh open talk about sex, and “safe sex” including use of condom- is the main option.

More than 39-million people are living with HIV/AIDS globally, an estimated 2.3 million in Europe alone, where some 40% of cases were transmittred through heterosexual intercourse.
HIV-AIDS first came to general public notice 25 years ago.