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Energy and Environments: Windmills Not All at Sea

  • November 20th, 2006
  • Posted by EUEditor

windmillpic-resize.jpgA European research group has made an appeal for better use of existing technologies to deal with air pollution while new technologies are under development.

This comes from the EU funded ACCENT research network, working on applications of technology for protection of the ozone layer and the slowing of global warming.

It says current international protocols and national legislation designed to reduce air pollution need to go further if more damage to the climate and environment due to high ozone concentrations is to be avoided.

Models developed by research, made public for the international conference on climate change, at Nairobi, showed that with no legislation, emissions would increase to potentially dangerous levels.

A reminder on some new applications of well-worn technology:

The Belgian news service has reported that the country’s three off-shore wind-power companies will be collaborating to endure best co-ordinated services and use of space they plan to occupy in waters off the North Sea coast.

They are fighting to restrain costs while estimating that with 162 windmills they will develop electricity capacity of 846 megawatts, enough to service 866,000 homes over a year.

The Belgian government says it expects that the joint venture arrangement will ensure the windmills are built.

EU Nairobi conference:
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