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Australia a “Poodle” to Join Bush Retreat on Carbon Trade?

  • November 11th, 2006
  • Posted by 7thmin

john-howard-portrait.jpgA senior representative of the environmental agency, the WWF, has predicted the new American Congress will order tougher controls on greenhouse gas – and the Australian government will follow it.

Dr Stephan Singer, Head of the organisation’s Climate and Energy Unit in Europe, was introducing a panel of economists backing European moves to increase carbon trading – companies rationing the pollution they can cause.

He said in Brussels the Democratic Party majority was expected to elect pro-environment Congressional committees, and force the Bush administration to allow carbon trading – so Australia would change too.

He told EUAustralia:

“I am sorry to be blunt here, we’ve been saying that Prime Minister Howard is a poodle of Bush. I think, in case the US government will change this position, the Australian government, with or without Howard will also change in the end. We need the change in America and then Australia will change.”

(See the full storyin the accompanying report: EUAustralia, Next Move on Stern Warning).

Picture: Prime Minister John Howard; Parliament of Australia