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Document: Strategic Energy Report on Carbons and Global Warming

  • November 4th, 2006
  • Posted by EUEditor

eu-industry-scape.jpgA new report from a panel of expertise set up to advise the European Union on future energy needs calls for concerted international action to control carbon emissions, because of global warming.

See the report and supporting reference materials:

The High Level Group on Competitiveness, Energy and the Environment adopted its second report on 30.10.06; it considers the long-term energy future for Europe and prospects for investment in power generation and energy efficiency.

The high-level stakeholder group from research and industry organisations proposes a comprehensive evidence-based European energy strategy, to enact a shift in the energy mix towards zero-carbon and low-carbon sources.

For countries producing and using coal and other carbon fuels, the report advocates that they join together in “complementary actions”, in a co-operative scheme for developing and deploying new technology – to manage impacts of climate change.

Part of this would be a European Energy Technology Program that would require “ambitious” investments but share risks among member governments.

There would be new energy efficiency measures, and long-term targets for reduction of greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.

The report anticipates a major strategic initiative of the European Commission expected in January, likely to take in plans for broad-scale reductions in emissions, and carbon trading.

Reference: The High Level Group on Competitiveness, Energy and the Environment; Second Report: Competitiveness Aspects of Sustainable Development (2006). European Commission, Brussels; (3.11.06).

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