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Happy Birthday Tube

  • January 19th, 2013
  • Posted by EUEditor

london-undergroundsvg.pngThe London Underground has been marking its 150th anniversary this month, as the original urban commuter service under ground, and still the third-busiest in terms of passenger volume. … Read More »

New Virus: “Chunder From Down Under?”

  • January 15th, 2013
  • Posted by EUEditor

sydney-2012-nhsuk.jpg“Wotch out for the chunder from down under!”, British tabloids are screaming *; more prosaic but also to the point is this warning from the Eurosurveillance public health service:

“Healthcare institutions are advised to be prepared for a severe norovirus season.” … Read More »

Official Portrait

  • January 12th, 2013
  • Posted by EUEditor

kate-middleton.jpgBritain’s National Portrait Gallery has put on show (11.1.13) the first official portrait of the former Kate Middleton as the Duchess of Cambridge.

Commissioned by the Gallery and painted by Paul Emsley, it follows the subject’s preference to be represented as a “natural” rather than “official” persona. … Read More »

Shipwreck Find Tells About Medicine In Ancient Rome …

  • January 12th, 2013
  • Posted by EUEditor

roman-pills.jpg roman-ship.jpgScientists at the university in Pisa have identified a find from an ancient Roman shipwreck as a set of pills, evidently for treating eye infections. … Read More »

Swiss Shooting: Country With Gun Problems …

  • January 5th, 2013
  • Posted by EUEditor

daillon.jpgThe multiple shooting at Daillon, Valais (picture) in Switzerland this week underscored the trouble that the mountain country has been having with its tradition of firearms use. … Read More »

Putin’s Passport Offer to Gerard Depardieu: One More “Oligarch” For Moscow?

  • January 4th, 2013
  • Posted by 7thmin

gerard_depardieu-wikipedia.jpgOPINION: A reality check for Gerard Depardieu (picture): the tax-averse French actor and multi-millionaire has been invited by Russia to become a citizen there – and if he really wants, to say goodbye to France forever.

Mr Depardieu, a hugely loved and accomplished performer, became a symbol of his native country through 114 films or tele-movies made since 1971; in the world of unreality as an ordinary bloke battling comically against all odds, a Frenchman abroad, or an historical  leader of humankind. … Read More »

Culture Of Spain: Sustaining In Crisis

  • November 8th, 2012
  • Posted by EUEditor

vargas-moves.jpg“Out of adversity, much art has been born”, says Antonio Vargas, maestro of Flamenco dance, disclaiming that the country of Spain, and Europe itself, will perish in current tough times. … Read More »

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