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London Riots

  • August 9th, 2011
  • Posted by EUEditor

london-riot-roarmag.jpgThe rioting in Tottenham, North London, spread after three days, to boroughs in the East and South of the city – and to other parts of Britain.

It started with a community protest, after a confrontation in which police shot dead a man who produced a gun.

The police say the violent activity which followed has been taken over by “criminals, thuggery and burglary”, with wholesale looting, much of it coordinated through use of mobile phones.

They have made over 200 arrests and suffered themselves 35 casualties.

Complaining about spectators getting into danger, they’ve appealed to people to stay indoors, and so far, although using horses and occasional baton charges, have not brought out the tear gas, water canon, or troopers firing rubber bullets.

Political leaders, those not off on Summer holidays, have been askance at the extent of the rampage involving hundreds of youths, several from known street gangs.

While the initial protest clearly involved many of the Afro-Caribbean community, they are saying “all ethnicities” have got themselves represented in the rioting.

Centres of trouble were listed as Hackney in East London and Peckham in the South-east, Birmingham and Leeds.

The disturbances reflect the social tensions of the Brixton rioting, and arson, in the early 1980s; and in more recent times across the Channel, from 2005 onward, with the youth riots in immigrant areas in the outer suburbs of cities in France.

Standard identified causes: persistent and hard conditions on the labour markets, no jobs for young people; and in the United Kingdom this year, anxiety over the cuts in government services, getting into full swing.

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2 Responses to “London Riots”

  1. Cromwell Says:

    Give them a few loads of 00 buckshot in the derrier and then put them in the Army… if they like to fight so much let them see how tough they are against the Taliban or Iraqi Shias.


    Better for that purpose if unharmed to begin with? Ed

  2. wendy donald Says:

    I worked and lived in London until recently and left London after a visit days before the riot. In all the talk of evicting those responsible for this lawlessness and criminality I wonder if Australians realise it is not likely that those evicted will NOT receive Housing Benefits. Even after recent changes – much reported in UK, those people are likely to still receive HOUSING BENEFITS. In the London Borough of Camden) as an example) this would be (according to Borough’s own website) 250 pounds per week for 1 bedroom, 340 pounds for 3 bedroom, 400 pounds for 4 bedroom. Any child over (I think) 7 years old is entitled to a bedroom. Not many working families can afford to live in these inner London Boroughs, and travel into London to work. To put this in perspective, my retirement income is around the housing benefit for a one bedroom flat in this borough.

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